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Dye Eskin Logo

Rick Eskin
CEO & President
Dye & Eskin, Inc.
(703) 556-0744

Jake Eskin
VP, Insurance Sales
Dye & Eskin, Inc.

Dye & Eskin, Inc., (D&E) is an internationally recognized insurance agency with insurance programs in all 50 U.S. states and coverage in 38 separate countries. They specialize in marketing, administration, consultation and sale of life and disability insurance products, specifically “guarantee issue,” group carve-out type programs.

D&E has built a reputation founded on the principal of integrity — and a mission committed to bringing quality products, competitive pricing and dedicated service to agents, brokerage general agents, consultants and clients.

D&E creates and develops specialized, guarantee issue type life and disability insurance programs in the executive and employee benefits areas.

Administers these programs:

  • A-List Term (Legal & General America)
  • Protective Executive UL (Protective Life)
  • Corporate Excess Disability insurance (Syndicates at Lloyd’s/Munich Re)

Markets these programs to agents, brokerage general agents and consultants – so they in turn will enlighten their prospects and clients.

The Dye & Eskin alliance provides Crescent PCG a facility that offers:

  • 40+ history in the life and disability fields
  • Completely independent; trusted source
  • Complete administration for these specialized programs
  • Unique life and disability insurance programs on a guarantee issue type basis
  • D&E does all the work: provides all sales materials, pre-populates applications, coordinates implementation and handles billing and all ongoing administration.